David was asked to do an interview for the prime-time programme ‘The One Show’, with reference to Michael Jackson’s HIStory album. Back in June 1995, Michael was due to release this album and when asked how he would like to promote it, Michael told Sony record executives, “Build a statue of me.”The interview, by Nick Hewer, took place by the side of the River Thames. David was wearing the exact outfit that the statue of Michael had been dressed in. The intention was for the BBC to recreate the scenario and float David on a barge down the river. However, the attempt had to be cancelled due to bad weather.

In October 2013, David and his team flew to Holland to meet Margret Van Zundert at her Veldhoven Studio. He was photographed and filmed modelling Michael’s iconic poses whilst dressed in some of his most recognised outfit designs. These images have since been used in promotional media for David’s shows. Whilst there Holland Star TV1 filmed and interviewed David for various television stations. David still often performs in Holland and is due to perform this year at the “Michael Jackson Memorial day”- June 23rd, 2018. For more information on this prestigious Michael Jackson event please visit www.kingofpopevents.com

Between a tight schedule of shows in around the UK, David and his team flew off from Stansted for a three-day festival in Bucharest, Romania. On arrival, they were met by their personal driver, in a blacked-out Mercedes, who showed them around Bucharest town centre. The festival brings together some of the world’s greatest tributes including Adele, Queen, Metallica, Guns and Roses just to mention a few. Promotion, prior to the event, had billboards of David and the festival all over Bucharest and coverage on the national news. The official Heyday Facebook page posted a video greeting that David had pre-recorded and it drew an impressive 72,000 views.

David was hired to perform Billie Jean for the new BBC 2 series, ‘Pompidou’. This stars Matt Lucas playing the lead along with some other very well known actors. Having spent a long period of time on set, Matt revealed to David that he is a Michael Jackson fan and “Had to get him Envolved”.  David and Matt still remain in contact and Matt has even supplied video greetings for David’s show. Another funny video of the pair messing around on set can be found on youtube as well as watching the full episode on Netflix.

The BBC made contact with David as they wanted him to take part in a show about impersonators; what drives them and why they choose this career. The interview was listened to worldwide, attracted an audience of 40,000,000 and can now be found on BBC iPlayer. Due to David’s unrelenting schedule the reporters had to travel to David’s home. Even though this is not a visual medium, David wore full make-up and attire. This, alone, showed the reporters his professionalism and passion for what he does.Since the age of 5 David has loved to perform, and as he grew so did his immense respect for Michael and his music. This man was loved by millions and through David’s role he feels he is able to share and keep alive Michael’s amazing legacy, whilst having the best job in the world.