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David was asked to do an interview for the prime-time programme ‘The One Show’, with reference to Michael Jackson’s HIStory album. Back in June 1995, Michael was due to release this album and when asked how he would like to promote it, Michael told Sony record executives, “Build a statue of me.”

Consequently, a thirty-foot fibre-glass statue weighing 2,000 kilograms was constructed. The likeness was then placed on a boat and floated down the River Thames. Tower Bridge was raised to allow it to pass and it was then moored near the Tower of London for a week before “Touring the Country.”

The interview, by Nick Hewer, took place by the side of the River Thames. David was wearing the exact outfit that the statue of Michael had been dressed in. The intention was for the BBC to recreate the scenario and float David on a barge down the river. However, the attempt had to be cancelled due to bad weather.

The day was not a wash out though as, apart from the interview, David was pleasing crowds with impromptu performances and joining in with hundreds of selfies.

The interview lasted for about an hour and at the end Nick said that he loved David’s business and he would be a good candidate for the Apprentice!

“I love those unexpected days, an interview and many hours dancing by the Thames, appreciated by some great fans.  Thanks if you were there” – David

BBC World Radio Interview

The BBC made contact with David as they wanted him to take part in a show about impersonators; what drives them and why they choose this career. The interview was listened to worldwide, attracted an audience of 40,000,000 and can now be found on BBC iPlayer.

Due to David’s unrelenting schedule the reporters had to travel to David’s home. Even though this is not a visual medium, David wore full make-up and attire. This, alone, showed the reporters his professionalism and passion for what he does.

Since the age of 5 David has loved to perform, and as he grew so did his immense respect for Michael and his music. This man was loved by millions and through David’s role he feels he is able to share and keep alive Michael’s amazing legacy, whilst having the best job in the world.


Between a tight schedule of shows in around the UK, David and his team flew off from Stansted for a three-day festival in Bucharest, Romania. On arrival, they were met by their personal driver, in a blacked-out Mercedes, who showed them around Bucharest town centre.

After a good night’s sleep, David and the team were taken to Parcul Izvor for a sound check and for their first glimpse of the Stage. It was nothing short of spectacular. The festival brings together some of the world’s greatest tributes including Adele, Queen, Metallica, Guns and Roses just to mention a few. David said “it was such a privilege it was going to be to be able to perform with so many class acts.”

Promotion, prior to the event, had billboards of David and the festival all over Bucharest and coverage on the national news. The official Heyday Facebook page posted a video greeting that David had pre-recorded and it drew an impressive 72,000 views

On the night, the team enjoyed all the perks Michael would have enjoyed during his own tours. They had their own professional green room backstage with personal catering services. So all needs well catered for -brilliant! At 8.00pm, prior to Queen: the other headline act, adrenalin was running high as David and his dancers stepped out to a sea of cheering fans for a 45 minute crowd-pleasing performance. Surrounded by jumbo-sized screens, David found it unreal to see himself “blown up” so big – “I thought I’ve made it!, This is the life Michael lead, what a buzz!”

Although David flew out with his own camera crew, he was also featured on two major television channels in Romania. Highlights of all these videos can be found on David Boakes official YouTube Channel.

After the performance, with a team of security guards, David did a meet and greet” for the welcoming people of Bucharest. During the whole trip they were looked after by David’s agent, who had flown out with them. On the last night, he, even, took all the acts out to celebrate their success.

This was another amazing experience for David, another new country to add to the list and new fans appreciating his talent.  David felt it that this was one of the most special shows he has ever been part of ass Michael only released one live concert of him performing on the Dangerous Tour, and that concert was in Bucharest. Truly special memories.

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